The Furry Fandom is primarily based off of 'furries' (anthropomorphic half-human half-animal hybrids). Furries come in a multitude of degrees, while many people only think the extreme variations exist, there are a multitude of other ways someone can be considered a 'furry'. Furries may or may not own 'fursuits' which are costumes of anthropomorphic characters. It is common among sectarians to believe that all furries lie in the 'furvert' group.

Furries come in a multitude of degrees as listed:

Standard (80%); regular fans of the anthropomorphic genre. They enjoy reading stories about these exotic half-human half-animal creatures. These people can create art of furries, that or simply create stories, or just enjoy them. This is just a basic fandom stage, nothing extreme.

Furry Lifestyler (18%); people who take 'anthropomorphisism' to the next level. These people are typically people who cosplay in fursuits. At this level, they will imagine themselves in a more 'animalistic' way, preferring to see themselves as these creatures. At this level, it may be a fantasy, or a very avid hobby. Sexuality does not begin at this point, however, just dreams.

Furverts (2%); People who are sexualy attracted to furries, this is a very small range, and these are typically the ones that produce yiffy, imagine it intimately, or completely take thier fursuits to an explicit level.

There are a multitude of activites that furries can take part in:

1. Art-Drawings of anthropomorhpic characters in a scene, either getting coffee, hiking in the forrest, or combining thier humanity with thier animalisticality.

2. Stories-Stories of furries living thier lives, doing whatever, experiencing the world.

3. Conventions-Going to conventions about furries, meeting others like them, buying paintings and commissioning things. All in all, an estimated 76% of furries will go to conventions.

4. Cosplay-Putting on fursuits and playing around, acting like anthropomorphic characters.