7th Edition
Release date April 2, 2001
Mechanics None new
Keywords None new
Size 350 cards
Expansion code 7ED
Development codename None

Sets in Starter Block
Starter Starter 2000 7th Edition Starter
Magic: The Gathering
Planeshift 7th Edition Apocalypse

7th Edition was a Magic: The Gathering set printed in 2001. It is the only core set since Alpha to have introduced all-new art for every card. A white-bordered set, it was first available on April 2, 2001. The set contained 350 cards. It was the first Core Set to introduce black-bordered foils. The expansion symbol was a stylized 7.

7th Edition Starter

Despite being an advanced level set 7th Edition contained a separate basic subset for new players similar to the products that were previously offered as Starter 2000. Cards that appeared in the 7th Edition Starter special pre-constructed theme decks did not appear in boosters. This would be the last starter level product released by Wizards of the Coast.

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