Tenth Edition
Release date July 13, 2007

Size 383 (121 rares, 121 uncommons, 121 commons, 20 basic land)

Magic: The Gathering
Future Sight 10th Edition Lorwyn

Tenth Edition (10th Edition) is the latest "Core Set" for the collectible trading card game Magic: The Gathering. It was released on July 13, 2007, replacing Ninth Edition as the core set of cards for standard tournament play. The symbol for 10th Edition is the Roman numeral "X."[1] As part of their "Selecting 10th Edition" promotion, Wizards of the Coast gave fans the chance to manage a part of the set's brand.[1] The results gave the Roman numeral "X" over the number "10," along with many other card, art, and flavor text choices.[1]

For the first time since Beta, the card borders are black, instead of white like all previous core sets.[2] Tenth Edition is also the first core set, ever, to include legendary creatures (two of each color), bringing back flavorful relics of Magic's past such as Squee, Goblin Nabob, and Kamahl, Pit Fighter.

Set history

As with the Eighth and Ninth editions of the core set, part of the development process for Tenth Edition included allowing fans to select certain cards for inclusion in the set.[1] This process began in mid-June 2006 and continued for 10 weeks.

Tenth Edition starter packs include land cards from Magic's next set, Lorwyn.[3]

Foil cards in Tenth Edition do not have reminder text. Many use the extra space to add flavor text that does not appear on the nonfoil versions. Others, such as Time Stop, simply center their existing text in the text box for added impact.[4]


Core Sets contain only a select number of mechanics chosen from among the many mechanics which have been printed in expansion sets.

The keywords defender, double strike, equip, fear, first strike, flash, flying, haste, landwalk, lifelink, protection, reach, regeneration, shroud, trample, and vigilance are in 10th Edition.

10th Edition is the first core set in recent history to include cards with the Legendary supertype. While the Legendary rule is not explained on the cards, it is explained on the Tips'N'Tricks cards inserted into packs.

10th Edition also reprinted several cards from previous sets with changed rarity.

Theme decks

The theme decks for 10th Edition are:[5]


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